- Lure Chasing
Lure Chasing:  A fun game for dogs!

Does your dog love to chase? Would you like to give your dog more exercise by way of a fun game? Lure Chasing is what you and your dog have been looking for.

What is Lure Coursing? Lure Coursing is a sport for dogs that involves chasing a mechanically operated lure. Some people call it lure chasing. In lure chasing, dogs chase an artificial prey across a field following a pattern meant to simulate chasing live prey. The "prey" is usually a plastic bag or piece of artificial fur.

Lure Chasing has numerous advantages for dogs. Dogs tend to be in better condition, plus they love the exercise since they are doing something that comes naturally. Almost every dog has the instinct to chase something.

What are your typical exercise options for dogs? You can take your dog for walks, if you have the time to spare and ability to go with your dogs. You can go to a neighborhood dog park, but what if your dog isn’t very social around other dogs, or just slowly wanders around not getting quality exercise?  Lure Chasing is a great option for individual dogs to do something they love.

Another important benefit is the mental stimulation dogs receive. When dogs receive adequate physical and mental stimulation, they are healthier, happier, well balanced, show less anxiety issues, and become less destructive.

Lure Chasing is open to dogs of any breed and age. We do not recommend dogs be younger than 1 year of age because of the potential for injuring their growing joints. We offer this for the fun and exercise of all dogs.  All dogs should have proper vaccinations and a signed waiver is required.

Prerequisite:  N/A
Cost:  $5 for one run or $10 for three
Day & Time:  TBA

(email, call or text to reserve a spot)

LURE CHASING rentals are available with a minimum purchase of 18 runs.
Puppy or dog must be healthy in order to participate and a signed waiver is required.

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