- House Rules
Welcome to Paw Tracks LLC Dog Training Center!  

We’re happy that you chose to train with us!  We value your business and look forward to getting to know you and your canine pal.  In order to maintain a safe, friendly and effective learning environment for every dog and person, there are a few house rules that must be observed.  

In case of bad weather, please call ahead for cancellations.  All participants and observers must check in, upon arrival, and sign a waiver.  To register for a class, complete and mail Class Enrollment form with fee payable to Paw TracksClasses are limited to 4-8 students and may be postponed if minimum is not met.
If your dog is reactive to other dogs and you are unable to control your dog, please do not enroll in a group class.  We highly recommend that you, first, take private lessons to address problem.  Dogs that are ill or injured and bitches in season should not be brought to class.  Handlers are welcome to attend class without their dogs during these times.  

Be sure to walk your dog before leaving home and upon arrival.  Gates will open 15 minutes before and close 15 minutes after scheduled class/event unless prior arrangements are made.  Traffic is one way:  Keep left when entering parking lot then circle right around building when exiting.

Bring all necessary training supplies to class including a fixed-leash (no longer than 6 feet), soft treats /toys, water and waste bags.  No flexi leads, flip-flops, slides or heels in class or training areas.  If your male dog is participating in a Barn Hunt, belly bands are required.    

All dogs must enter and leave the building on leash and be leashed while on property.  Please keep the entry/exit areas free from congestion.  Do not allow your dog to “visit” other dogs during class or in your coming and going.  Maintain enough space between yourself and the other handlers to avoid physical contact between dogs. 
Any minor handling a dog must be supervised at all times by a parent or guardian.  If children under 12 yrs attend class with their parents, they must remain seated ringside.  Children under 8 yrs of age must have an adult other than the dog’s handler to supervise them during class time. 

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Call or Text (609)805-2480

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