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A good K9 Nose Work team is made up of a nose and a brain.  Your dog is the sniffer, you are the thinker.  It is the dog’s job to use his nose to find the target odor.  It is the handler’s job to understand changes of behavior in order to help the dog succeed. 

“Understanding Changes of Behavior”

 In this workshop, you’ll learn

·       how the dog uses the environment to help him solve the odor puzzle

·       how to observe and understand changes in the dog’s behavior

·       how to use that information to help your dog get to source

This workshop is limited to 5 working teams, and dogs must have been introduced to at least one target odor prior to the workshop.

Beginners are welcome to come “audit” the workshop without a dog.

Date:  October 18, 2017 – 5 p.m. (second session will be offered at 6:30 p.m. if there is enough interest.

Fee:  $35/dog and handler team    $15/to audit (watch) without a dog


Bitches in season may participate, but must wear “panties” and will run at the end of the session.

Valerie Casperite has been training dogs professionally for more than 10 years and enjoys helping students bring out the best in their canine companions.  

Her credentials include:     
Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA)       
Certified Canine Nose Work Instructor (CNWI)      
K9 Nose Work® ORT judge and certifying official      
Diploma of Canine Behavior Science and Technology (Dip.CPST)      
Certificate of Professional Dog Training Science and Technology (Cert. PDTST)      AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Evaluator      
AKC Scent Work judge

The activity and sport of K9 Nose Work® immediately captured Valerie’s interest when she first heard of it in 2010, and in 2012 she became one of the first ten Certified Nose Work Instructors in the state of New Jersey.  Since then, she has gone on to become a judge and certifying official for Odor Recognition Tests and has had the pleasure of seeing some of her students become certified as instructors.   

Valerie teaches private clients through her business, A Better Trained Dog LLC, as well as K9 Nose Work® classes and “pet dog” group classes at various training centers in NJ.  She frequently attends seminars and webinars on olfaction, dog training, animal behavior and principles of learning.   

She currently has five German Shorthaired Pointers and has handled them to titles in K9NW®, Rally, Hunting, Conformation, CGC and Valor Agility.   Valerie resides in Beverly, NJ with her husband, their dogs, and two cockatiels.

Doggy Play Dates are held often at Paw Tracks.  These events usually include Lure Chasing and Agility Walk/Run-Throughs.  Other activities such as Barn Hunts, Scent Games, Fetch, Paw Painting and Bob for Dog Treats may also be included.  Canine Good Citizen and Pet Therapy Tests are offered, periodically, by approved evaluators.

Private Parties are also available!  They are 2 hours in length and fees are based on # of activities and dogs.  Parking is limited to 25 vehicles.

Please read our House Rules before visiting our facility or enrolling in a class.  Classes are limited to 4-8 students and will be postponed if minimum is not met.  To register, complete and mail Class Enrollment form with fee payable to
Paw Tracks.  Be sure to “like” us on Facebook to receive updates on training classes and events.

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