Welcome to Paw Tracks LLC!
     We are a new dog training center located in beautiful East Vineland, New Jersey with classes offered throughout the year.  Our indoor training area consists of a 24' x 40' building with an expandable ring enclosure and rubber floor tiles.  For outdoor training, there are fenced areas of 110' x 70' with Max 200 performance equipment and 110' x 150' of open field.  Doggy Play Dates which include Lure Chasing, Agility Run/Walk Thrus and other various activities are often held and available for private parties.  Ring Rentals are also available.  

     It is highly recommended that all dogs be trained, at least, in basic obedience.  The discipline of obedience training will bring direction and stability into their lives making them more agreeable companions.  It is also a wonderful outlet for your canine companion.  It encourages him to employ his myriad talents by making demands on his intelligence, agility, trainability, cleverness and memory.  Besides stimulating your dog's inborn desire to please and educating him in self control, obedience training fosters the human-animal bond and molds you and your dog into a team.
We hope that you will join us!
Paw Tracks LLC
2816 Vine Road
Vineland, New Jersey
Call/Text 609-805-2480

Best Regards,

Sandra (Gallo) Regnaert & The Drool Crew:
Eliza       AKC A-Faithful B'yond Expectation CGC
Stella      Rescue PAL/ILP Stella Grace
Avery      AKC Van Gunn's Ready To Fly
Archer    AKC Van Gunn's Dream of the Archer
In Loving Memory:

Caleb       AKC A-Faithful Gold'n Opportunity CGC OA OAJ OFA CERF
Maximus  AKC Ropen Sudden Impact CGC TT CD OA OAJ 2001-2015
Grace      AKC Grace Bella G-D CGC TT OFA 2001-2010
Britney    ADBA Gallo's Britney  1991-2006
Beast       ADBA Gallo's Beast 1988–2001
Sasha       SPCA Rescue 1987-2001
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