Welcome to Paw Tracks LLC!
Paw Tracks LLC was started in 2012 due to the need for dog training in this area.  We offer Group Classes 2-3 nights per week and Skill Workshops, on occasion, during the weekends.  In times of harsh temperatures or hazardous conditions, we close.  

We, strongly, believe in the importance of early socializing and training!  Our main goal is to assist humans with molding their canines into healthy and well-behaved pets so that they may thrive, mentally and physically, and continue living, happily and securely, in their original households.

All of our instructors are very knowledgeable.  They also have full-time day jobs but care enough to extend their work schedules into the night to help educate others.  The facility owner does not profit, financially, after paying necessary fees, providing all maintenance work and making repairs/improvements.     

Doggy Play Dates which include Lure Chasing, Agility Run/Walk Thrus and other activities are held often and may be reserved for private parties.  Individual Lessons and Ring Rentals are also available, by appointment, throughout the week.  

We hope that you will join us!

Paw Tracks LLC
2816 Vine Road
Vineland, New Jersey
Call/Text 609-805-2480

Best Regards,

Sandra (Gallo) Regnaert & The Drool Crew:
Stella       Rescue PAL/ILP Stella Grace
Avery       AKC Van Gunn's Ready To Fly
Archer     AKC Van Gunn's Dream of the Archer
In Loving Memory:

Eliza        AKC A-Faithful B'yond Expectation CGC
Caleb       AKC A-Faithful Gold'n Opportunity CGC OA OAJ OFA CERF
Maximus  AKC Ropen Sudden Impact CGC TT CD OA OAJ 2001-2015
Grace      AKC Grace Bella G-D CGC TT OFA 2001-2010
Britney    ADBA Gallo's Britney  1991-2006
Beast       ADBA Gallo's Beast 1988–2001
Sasha       SPCA Rescue 1987-2001
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